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Polygon to Raster - can I base it on 2 fields

Question asked by mmallek on Aug 13, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2013 by mmallek
I am doing a lot of geoprocessing for a project where all my input layers need to be perfectly overlapping rasters. Some of my input data starts out as polygons, and I have been converting them to rasters. One of my "base" polygons has 2 fields I need, so I have been running the conversion twice, once on each field. I have been using maximum combined area but just discovered that this creates errors in the output. What I noticed was that, for example, I have field a and field b, and both contain value x. If a row in field a has value x, then the same row in field b also has value x. But when I run the conversion this is not true a very small percentage of the time. I realize that this is probably cause by doing the maximum combined area. But what would really be nice is if I could just convert the raster using both fields? Is there a way to do this if I went into python? Or is my only option to create a new attribute field that combines the previous 2, and convert based on that?