Get results back from form

Discussion created by jaykappy on Jun 25, 2010
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I have some code that is running after a user draws a line in ArcMap.  On double click the line ends and a form pops up askign fro soem info.  I need to get this info back into the ThsiDocument so I can use those values to run some additional code.

I call the form


Then assign a few varaibles in the form code

Dim varTextBox_1 As String
Dim varTextBox_2 As Integer

varTextBox_1 = UserForm1.TextBox1.Value
varTextBox_2 = UserForm1.TextBox2.Value

But this does not get the code back to the page where I am calling the form to open....
Can anyone out there give me a hand...
How to open the form, allow the user to input some values, and get the values back into code as varaibles?

Just a simple example would help...