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Discussion created by HSL_GIS on Aug 9, 2013
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Hi all,

I have been trying to get a locally published map and geoprocessing service up and running with ArcGIS Server 10.1 using the JavaScript API, but it's like treading through treacle with the amount of useless info the Help documentation gives.

I've been able to do this with previous versions using ArcGIS Server manager, whether it was adding a model to ArcMap as a layer, or by using the Web ADF in Visual Studio to do some very complicated tasks. However these seem to be getting dropped and I don't want to rely on older methods so I have turned to JavaScript. I'm not a novice programmer, though I am more Desktop based. However everything I have tried so far has failed, making me feel like I have taken a five year step back in my career. The ESRI courses/samples have beautifully constructed help that works fine on the course or by using online resources, but seem meaningless for your local settings.

Is there a better place to find Help that refer to 10.1, rather than referring to removed functionality/incompatibility. (Why can't ESRI make something that works and keep it the same? The Desktop functionality seems to have been the same for eons now.)

So far I have been using a simple text editor to create a web page and managed to get a map showing with JavaScript, but as for getting geoprocessing task, no joy. I have the code executing but get a generic Object Error message each time. So I have no idea if it is my code, or an incorrect parameter (how do you set an output location for a tool?) or something else. Is there a better way to debug?

If anyone is still reading/awake after reading my essay, any help would be appreciated.