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Discussion created by HSL_GIS on Aug 8, 2013
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Hi all,

I've been trying to use the Export Web Map Tool in ArcToolbox to export one of my local ArcGIS Server maps to PDF.

Every time I keep getting the error 'Invalid JSON in WebMap'

Rather handily, ESRI do not actually say where the JSON is for local maps, but just keep referring to what a generic specification should look like, which to anyone who is a webmap novice is about as handy as a hot poker up the rear.

So does anybody know where exactly the JSON is for a map created with ArcGIS Server?

The location I tried was:
http://<server name>/arcgis/rest/services/MyMap/MapServer?f=pjson

And I have also tried every other JSON link I could find whilst browsing around, but with no luck.

Any help appreciated in what should probably be a simple task.