Extremely Strange - .shp import of highway lines "imports" ... but doesn't

Discussion created by swizzler on Aug 7, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2013 by obrjo181
Hello everyone.

I have downloaded some ESRI shape files from WeoGeo. When I import the highway lines .shp file to my scene, it goes through some processing, I get a green bar on the bottom loading.. and after it loads... nothing appears on my scene or anywhere else I can determine.

With the other shp files from my package, including building polygons and the like, I am able to see and load up everything no problem.. it's just the highway lines .shp..

If it just gave me an error, I could understand, but to me it looks like everything works fine but nothing ends up coming out...


**Edit: In other files, also getting "exception while trying to compute the offset of the objects" all over the place... no idea how to fix :(