Question The appropriate analysis method for this survey

Discussion created by on Aug 7, 2013
Let's say that I want to see how the spatial correlation between different phenomena, which geostatistical application is best to use then?

One variable is the habitat and the second distribution of different plants that were collected in an area.

Do I make myself understood?

Or let say like this ...

I have rather quantified if the conditions are good for a plant, rainfall, soil type, microclimate, geochemical conditions and so on. and produced an, admittedly somewhat arbitrary value between 1 - 10. Now I want to see how these different plants varies with the previous quantification.

This was probably fairly accurately described. I have discussed this with colleagues and some suggest geographically weighted regression, which I also have been thinking about but which would become the explanatory and dependent on the value of such an analysis.

GWR is perhaps not even the best approach for such an analysis???

Grateful for answers.