Traffic volumes

Discussion created by mistersinister on Aug 7, 2013
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Hi there,

I have a couple of questions to you all.

I've been looking on this map for a while:

Now I have commuters data in my region, containing origin and destination of 1000 people biking to work.

How can I make such a grea map like the one above? I tried to google it for a couple of days now, but I don't even know what's that kind of map called. Tried with traffic volume map, traffic flow map, but no help at all.

My idea was to put the data in ArcGis (somehow). Then just add the "From" and "Destination" places as two locations, and give the route unique ID.

So far so good, I got all the routes, but now - how to find out how many people are using a single street segment? In a perfect world, I would be able to extract this info to line attribute, so I could just get one line file with the count on each street.