Is there a way to convert an lpk file for use online?

Discussion created by Rigwald on Aug 7, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2014 by janiegoddard

Is there a way to take the World Latitude and Longitude Grids provided by ESRI (LINK) and save it in a form that is recognized by ArcGIS Online Map Viewer?  I have ArcGIS Desktop installed, but have no training.  I would like to use the Online Map Viewer to have students practice using latitude and longitude.  I found a service already provided, Prominent World Longitudes and Latitudes (LINK), which has the lines and labels, but degrees are only down to 5 degrees, whereas the other has 1 degree intervals and are labeled.  My students will have Chromebooks to use, so, although our state has an ArcGIS K-12 State License, my students will only be able to access via the online web access.