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Publishing Geoprocessing Service Not working

Question asked by shaningesri on Aug 7, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2013 by shaningesri
1)  Create a Python script and load it as a tool in \myGDB.gdb\ToolBox\myScriptTool.  This tool will be used to process some tables and feature classes in the \myGDB.gdb\.
2)  Execute the myScriptTool successfully using AcrCatalog and get the 'Succeeded' message in the Result Window.
3)  In the Result Window, right-click the \Current Session\myScriptTool and then click Share as Geoprocessing Service.
4)  Publish the tool as a service.
5)  In the Catalog tree, open the published geoprocessing tool in \GIS Servers\myServer\...\.  The tool pops out but its interface is somehow different from the one in Step 2).  The parameter entry for the Workspace is gone.
6)  In another three parameter entry textboxes, I navigate to \myGOB\ for each of them.
7)  Click OK to run.
The popped out the results show that the implementation 'Failed' but no detail in the Messages
It appears to be that I did something incorrect.  I wish someone can share his/her experience for publishing geoprocessing too.  Thanks.