ConvertWebMapToMapDocument and extra_conversion_options

Discussion created by joao.ferreiraesri-portugal-pt-esridist Employee on Aug 7, 2013
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I'm with a struggle on using the extra_conversion_options on the ConvertWebMapToMapDocument function.

Basically i'm trying to have multiple SERVER_CONNECTION_FILE on the same dictionary.
Well since this variable is a dictionary I cannot have multiple keys with the same name. So how can I achieve this?

I tried:
AGSSecureServerServices = {"SERVER_CONNECTION_FILE":[r"c:\file1.ags",r"c:\file2.ags"]}
AGSSecureServerServices = {"SERVER_CONNECTION_FILE":r"c:\file1.ags",r"file2.ags"}
and several other variations, but none worked

If I try the connection individually i can execute everything correctly (e.g.: AGSSecureServerServices = {"SERVER_CONNECTION_FILE":r"c:\file1.ags"}

But since my map has several secure connections from multiple secure servers can you guys help me on accomplish this?

Thank you