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I'm a graduate student trying to depict ship ranges for a (SAR) analysis and I got some great help to set up a model that would allow me to depict ranges while taking into account islands and the like that would prevent a vessel from traveling in a straight line.  While I got the model to function well enough to produce an output I have a serious problem I can't quite fix: the out putted data produces range fields that are 3x to 1000x the size of my inputted range data.  And I need to fix that so I can have usable information. 

Background information:

Basically it is in the first 4-5 posts in this since I'm rather quite out of my depth/at the bleeding edge of my ability and I don't know if I could explain it well enough to describe what the model components are doing.

So any thoughts why a given starting point representing a vessel base with a, for example, 91 NM range at 18 kts would produce a result saying I could sail around the world?

Thank you.

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