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Discussion created by Riverside Champion on Jun 25, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2010 by jvondracek
Using Firefox, if I right click new tab to Help, Blogs, and Forums (At the top) from the main page, they disappear momentarily.  They actually turn white.  Only tested in FF.

After the text turns white, I just need to move the cursor over the white text for the text to reappear.  It seems to happen on all pages, most noticeable on the main page.

Other notes:

Nice look, much more like Arcgis.com

Like the version identifier in the top right for filtering,  nice addition.

Like that you have the Ideas link everywhere and the Get Support.

No more tabs in the resources, like for Desktop and GP, 'scratching head'

When is the color for the forums going to change, perhaps to the same we used in beta.

Like that I can get to Support Patches from the top menu bar.  I look left to right, top to bottom.

If I select the dropdown for Support, and mouse over to arcgis.com or esri.com, the menu stays open, it should close.  It should only stay open when doing a mouse over.  When the mouse is not over, it should contract.  I should not have to click an empty spot on screen to close it.

Still like the idea where we have rotating pictures where updates to all the underlying resource sites can be displayed in the main picture area.