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Geocoding: Multiple Buildings, One Address, has Unit Letters

Question asked by aaron_rza on Aug 6, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2018 by Scorwin
Good Day All,

I've looked around the forums, and maybe I missed the correct thread, but I thought I would ask the Community. Here goes...

I'm working in 9.3 trying to geocode addresses. I'm using the US Street w/ Zones locator style.  The problem is I have 5 addresses, 4 of which match at 100%, while 1 is being difficult.

The addresses are:

#### W Casa Blanca Rd A
#### W Casa Blanca Rd B
#### W Casa Blanca Rd C
#### W Casa Blanca Rd D
#### W Casa Blanca Rd E

The above are typed EXACTLY as they are in both Reference and Address Tables. So while still using the same locator style, all addresses are matched, EXCEPT, the "E" address. I've looked at the spelling of the refrence data layer (Roads file) and compared it to the address and they match perfectly. The Range of the road is fine or the first 4 wouldn't have matched. The fields I'm using for Street Name, Prefix Direction and Suffix are all spelled correctly and nothing has extra spaces before or after the address in either the reference or address layers. 

In Prefix Direction I have "W";
In Street Name I have "Casa Blanca";
In Suffix Type I have "Rd".
Again, no spaces, spelled the same in each address, etc...the only difference is the letter at the end, but each is different and the first four matched.

Now I have seen links here saying to use the single house locator style, but I cannot use this style since it doesn't account for certain aspects that we need to check against (ex address range). However, I'm not too familiar with Address Locators, so Im not sure if this makes a difference in how it matches certain address. But the requirements of our State require that we have ranges and zones.

I guess I'm just wondering if anyone out there has run into issues like this, where it will find all apt #s while not using the correct Locator, but can not find one of the units.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Oh and if you need any other details, please, PLEASE ask. In my head this all sounds correct, but someone out there might not understand what I'm talking about. Ask and I'll try to explain it more clearly.

Take Care,

Aaron R.

UPDATE:  PS. I just talked with my coworker who is working on a different area of the same Community. She has 6 address w/ letter units. 5 of which are matching, while one is not. Here's the addresses and if they match or not:

#### W Airport Ln A - Matched
#### W Airport Ln B - Matched
#### W Airport Ln C - Matched
#### W Airport Ln D - Matched
#### W Airport Ln E - UNMATCHED
#### W Airport Ln F - Matched

Like b4, all are same circumstances.  kind of wondering if the "E" is the problem. Does Arc have a problem with capital E's?