Geodatabase Archiving Script

Discussion created by joe990 on Aug 5, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2013 by JPenney-esristaff

I am writing a python script,  which is a weekly update of a shapefile. (if I was not going to use my geodatabase it is essentially create new shapefile from excel sheet, copy old shapefile renaming it and copying it to my archive folder, and then copying the new shapefile and placing it in my current folder) but I definently do want to use my geodatabase archiving methods.

However with geodatabase I have seen there is archiving options that reduce the need to rename/ move folder. but as there is no toolbox methods to do this is it even viable via python?

Essentially I am wanting to write a python script to automate Geodatabase Archiving (Enable Archiving, Creating Historical Markers) is this possible?