Crime and crash data

Discussion created by rjaywilson on Aug 2, 2013
I am trying to help our police department set up maps where they can see crime and crash data hotspots and where these may overlap. My question is this: What have those of you who have set up similar scenarios seen as the most useful way to collect/import/display this data? I am trying to avoid the trial and error phase of this, and any help or advice you can give me would be great! Here is some information on what kind of data I am looking at: The police crash RMS database seems to have one large table that encompasses many smaller tables. The data in the large table has good information in it, but no coordinates.  On the GIS side, I have a road feature which has road names and right and left address ranges, and I am hoping someone way smarter than I can shed some light on somehow linking the crash table and street tables together.
Thanks in advance!