Tile package that would not publish.

Discussion created by mgswartz1 on Aug 2, 2013
FYI, I had a Tile Package (.tpk) of a Raster Dataset that would not Publish.  The problem turned out that the servicedescriptions folder and it's mapserver folder and it's mapserver.json file were not created. 

I normaly use the Data Managemant...Tile Cache... Manage Tile Cache tool
followed by          Data Managemant...Tile Cache... Export Tile Cache tool

If someone knows why a mapserver.json file was not created please chime up.

Since this was a very small .tpk I just re-ran the above tools and the .tpk was fine.  However I suspect that someone knows how to create the mapserver.json through other means.

Thanks All,

Marc Swartz