A couple Dashboard questions (thousands separators and more color control)

Discussion created by MichaelGayheart on Aug 1, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 31, 2013 by MichaelGayheart
1. Thousands Separators on Summary Widgets
When I try to display the sum of a field and the result is 3991377420, it is difficult to read. It would be nice to have a check box to add thousands separators so it looks like 3,991,377,420. It seems like other widgets such as labels on bar charts do add the separator. Is there an advanced setting that will add the commas?

2. Color control for Bar Charts,Pie Charts, Etc.
My data is symbolized in a green, yellow, red fashion on the map. When I want to add a bar chart, pie chart, etc. related to counts of each of these categories, I can choose one color or choose a color ramp. No matter which ramp I choose, I can never match up the color with what is displayed on the map. Is there a way to click on each bar and individually choose the color that will represent the data?