ArcGIS Server Capacity License Question

Discussion created by conwaylw on Aug 1, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2013 by bubbahey25

Due to an odd combination of circumstances, we have 1 license for ArcGIS Server Enterprise Basic and 1 license for ArcGIS Server Workgroup Standard.  We have just started using multiuser editing and do so successfully on our Enterprise Basic server and it works fine for all of our desktop GIS users.  We would like to set up an additional server to publish web services internally (beyond the simple feature services available at Basic) and are wondering if we can use the Workgroup Standard license to do that by using one-way replication to replicate data from the Enterprise Basic SDE database to file geodatabases hosted on the Workgroup Standard Server.  The documentation clearly states the following:

1.   SDE Geodatabases created at the Workgroup level have a 10-user connection limit, but the connection limit doesn't apply for web service connections.

We wouldn't be using any enterprise geodatabases either hosted or created on the Workgroup server, so would the connection limit not apply?

2.   File geodatabases containing simple feature geometry hosted on a single ArcGIS Server machine generally perform on par with enterprise SDE databases. 

Using file geodatabases for publishing is a supported configuration, although we are aware that it does limit web-based editing workflows.

We realize this is probably not a supported configuration, but is it possible?  If not we can upgrade our Workgroup Standard license to Enterprise Standard.

Please advise.