Any way to mix higher resolution basemaps with ArcGIS basemaps?

Discussion created by cdallapiazza on Aug 1, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2013 by astauffer-esristaff
We are trying to mix our in house aerials as a basemap with the ESRI World Street basemap.  We are finding that the basemaps shift when switching and they do not line up correctly.  I assume this is due to the requirement for matching resolutions at all levels of detail between the various basemaps in a basemap gallery.

Our in house aerials have enough detail that they exceed the detail available at the highest level of detail.  For this reason, we selected 150 DPI instead of 96 when we cached them.

Our in house aerials:
Level ID: 9 [Start Tile, End Tile]
Resolution: 0.191092570654475
Scale: 1128.497176

World Street Map:
Level ID: 19 [Start Tile, End Tile]
Resolution: 0.298582141647617
Scale: 1128.497176

A quick test dropping the dpi of our cached aerials to 96 confirms that the registration problems in a javascript api webmap dissappear.

Is there any way for us to preserve the resolution available in our aerials yet still be able to mix them with other basemaps available from ESRI?