Failed to cache extent. Index was either too large or too small

Discussion created by steffen111 on Jul 31, 2013
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i have a problem when caching an image service. i have a large mosaic dataset which contains other mosaic datasets. i published the large mosaic dataset as an image service and selected the option "build cache manually after publishing" in the caching options.

after publishing the service (without any errors) i build the cache with the tool "Manage map servcer cache tiles"). As an area of interest i selected a feature class polygon which surrounds my mosaic dataset.

at the beginning everything works fine. but after un uncertain time period i get first errors with following message:

"Failed to cache extent. [coordinates...] at scale ... Error 001454: Failed to clean up cache state. The index was either too large or too small."

This error occurs more than once, always with other coordinates which represent the bounding box i guess.

The caching tool doesn't stop his work and continues building the cache but with this errors the generated cache isn't really reliable.

I did some research in the internet about this but didn't find somethin useful.

Has someone an idea how to fix this problem?

thanks in advance.