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Any further updates to 10.1.1?

Question asked by mikedmanak on Jul 31, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2013 by DGoyal-esristaff
Questions for the ESRI folks:

Are you planning any further updates to the 10.1.1 series SDK before or after 10.2 is released?  Specifically we are concerned with the 2GB tile cache limitation.  I've read elsewhere in the forum that you are planning to address it at 10.2, however that will make it difficult to integrate any fixes into our currently deployed apps.  I assume that a major update like 10.2 will include many breaking changes, and require a fair amount of effort to migrate apps (like the 2.3 to 10.1 transition). 

Can you give any update on plans to update the 10.1.1 SDK up to and beyond the 10.2 release? 

Can you give even a rough estimate of the release timeframe for the 10.2 SDK?  At the dev conference it sounded like the UC was the release goal, and that has come and gone without much in the way of an update on timeline.  We are currently planning or developing several apps, and any sort of idea of a release schedule (fall, winter, spring?) would be extremely helpful.

Thanks for all your hard work, we are really loving the SDK and the new capabilities it has given us for mobile data collection.