Tree Layer question

Discussion created by babaker on Jul 31, 2013
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I went around my campus and collected GPS points for all the trees.  I was able to load the points into the World Topographic Geodatabase tree layer.  When I went to edit the common tree name I saw that many of the trees that are on my campus were not in the drop down edit list.  Then I noticed that the main 6 categories (for example Oak and Maple) that show on the World Topographic Mxd symbol legend are also not in the drop-down edit menu for Common Tree names.

When I called tech support they said I should go back in and re-digitize all my dots using one of the 8 names used in the symbol template for the trees.  Many of these 8 trees are not on my campus but I am tempted to just put in random different tree types to get the campus to look more interesting since the database is really kind of useless anyway  but of course I would rather put the actual tree types into the database.

A second issue is the size of the symbols.  I notice that on the Online version of many campuses many of the tree symbols are different sizes.  When I put the trees into the LGIM_World_Topo_Map_v1.5.mxd project there is nothing to make them different sizes. I am guessing that I should place a meter number in the diameter field to get the symbols to become different sizes and that this will be taken care of after I submit the tree data online by the Community Mapping team but it would be nice if I could get the symbols to re-size in the World Topo mxd in the meantime.  Are my assumptions correct on the diameter field or not and should I use meters or ft.?