replicating Popup in seperate panel

Discussion created by aka2demo on Jul 30, 2013
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I am attempting to replicate the below ESRI JS site.


However, we do not have access to the public internet. Everything we develop resides within a classified environment and we must build everything off of our local ESRI JS API and GIS Server. So attempting to replicate the below web map ID is impossible for us

//Create a map based on an ArcGIS Online web map id
arcgisUtils.createMap("0ab0004e243641568713ba968d1c424a", "map",{                infoWindow: popup            }).then(function(response){                window.map = response.map;   initializeSidebar(window.map);            }, function(error){                console.log("Map creation failed: ", dojo.toJson(error));            });

Does ESRI provide an alternate version of this code that demonstrates how to build this same sample without a ArcGIS online web map?  Or can someone point me to any other examples of building a "popup in a seperate panel".