picture disappear in pop-up window after using the IPad ArcGis app ?

Discussion created by soulie on Jul 30, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2013 by soulie
I'm quite new in ARcGis Online, but I'm progressing every day :-)
We've began to insert pictures in pop-up windows. Images have been uploaded in our ARcGis Online account. 
It works.
But a few hours ago, I went to consult my web map on an IPad, with the ArcGis app.
The popup windows design looks a bit different, but I can recognise the configuration I chose.
But I can't see the picture in the popup windows.
And when I come back on a computer and a browser (IE or Firefox), the image has still disapearred.

I've redone the all process one time, with the same results.
Does a connection with an Ipad can affect the popup window behavior ?

Thanks a lot for your answers !