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Discussion created by timothieb on Jul 29, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2019 by Brooks_Frontier
Hello -

We are trying to figure out how to print from AGOL.

Using ESRI's default print service:
- when we click the print icon from a web map - we get a simple print preview page (but no layout)
- when we click the print icon from some of the app templates - it says 'printing' but nothing happens!
- when we click the print icon from the 'parcel finder' template - we get a lovely map layout which we can print successfully!

However both of the last two options fail if the data is on the local server and not in the cloud. Except (late breaking news) we seem to be successful if the data in map is a feature service while it fails if it is a tiled service...?

Trying a different stratergy we tried to enter our own print service into the site configuration but got an error message 'The print service URL you have entered is invalid or inaccessible'. Any ideas why this would be? I am not a server person but our service is an http address whereas our site is set up as SSL only - could this be it?