Zoom issue with "exception in animation handler for: onEnd"

Discussion created by tonylife on Jul 25, 2013
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I am having a weird zoom issue on my map.
Whenever I click zoom in/out button, I am seeing following error in development tool.
And map zoom is out of control with the click.

[INDENT]Empty string passed to getElementById()
exception in animation handler for: onEnd
(new TypeError("_3dc is null", "", line 15, column 97887))[/INDENT]

Any help would be appreciated.

Btw, anyone can tell me what is function of column 97887, line 15 of
I am not able to read this script since it is minified.
I see this error message in IE 8 at the time of initializing my map app.
I really want to know what value of "_3dc" is expected.