Point Density

Discussion created by serge_sergi on Jul 25, 2013
Hello, I'm very unexperienced with ArcMap and i'm using density functions for some work.

Sometimes when i try to create a point density function i get to choose the population field as a field in my input point feature and it works. Sometimes i do exactly the same but it returns a zero value raster, all black i mean, when i choose a population field. If i don't,and if i choose to let the pop_field "NONE" it works but only because i rename the field and add "POP" at beginning of it's real name.

Why does this happen?

I'm using arcmap 10. I mean, i did all that i wanted one time and it went smoothly, but now that i changed the different population fields that i want to see represented i'm not being able to do it.

I appreciate any help on this subject.

Thank you all,