Reshaping polygon throws error

Discussion created by HimBromBeere on Jul 25, 2013
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Hey there,

after being glad to have solved my last problem I just come up with a new one which I can´t figure out. When reshaping a polygon I use Ring#Reshape(IPath), which gives me a boolean if all worked fine. Unfortunelty it won´t give me any return-value but an exception which is -2147220936. I just looked the codes and found NETWORK_E_EDIT_SESSION_IN_PROGRESS but as the last problem wasn´t related with any Network-features (since I do not use them at all) I´ll bet this error has also nothing to do with this confusing message. So I googled for the error-code and found out that the actual error-message to this code is "The coordinates or measures are out of bounds." (which I cannot conform again as I do not receive any error-message). But as the concerned feature is located in the centre of my featureClass I cannot imagine this is really the clue. So which error is right and what exactly does it have to do with my problem of reshaping an IRing?