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Adding A New page to Data Drivern Pages

Question asked by danfire on Jul 25, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2013 by maplex
I have been looking over the forums to see if this question has been asked so I'm sorry if its a reapeat.  I have created a 66 page map book with Data driven pages.  I would like to add pages 67-90 which each focus on a specific area but are not in any logical grid pattern.  Is there a way I can accomplish this by either creating a grid and manually identifying each area which are non contiguose?   Or is there another way?   Thanks for any thoughts or direction which may help me.

Also is there a way in the mablex labeling to abbreviate out the first letters or numbers.  for instance if every address in my condo complex begins with 40___  can I remove that (easily) to make more room for the address labels?