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How to integrate lines having acceptable results

Question asked by AlexChristopher on Jul 24, 2013
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Hi everybody,

I've just created a spider diagram consisting of lines departing from different points (representing desire lines of students) that arrive to other points (representing schools). I've divided the township area in various sub-areas and I need to trace a sigle line for all the students going to a particular school in that sub-area. I need to collect lines in a sigle line placed possibly in the middle of the spider diagram, creating a field that will count all the lines arriving to that determined point (the school). I tried the integrate tool, this does not merge lines but just make them coincident, if falling inside a given x,y tolerance.

This tool seems to work in some cases but I have more than 2700 line features (students) and usually the tool does not integrate well ( beacuse I need to integrate just lines going to the same school) or just erase some line features.

Does anyone know if there's a way to perform this task properly and in a reasonable amount of time?

Thanks for helping