How to upload a single feature class and keep symbology?

Discussion created by saulen on Jul 23, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2013 by saulen
I'm looking for a way to upload individual feature classes as individual feature services.  Let's say I have a map of local roads and city owned parks.  I'd like for the two feature classes to be seperate services but the only option I've found is to remove one from the .mxd, share as a service and then do the other the same way (using 10.1 for this process).  This is quite cumbersome and inefficient when dealing with a higher number of feature classes.  It's important the symbology stays the same which limits uploading as shapefiles (I could in turn upload as a shapefile and then create custom symbology but this requires images to be hosted somewhere accessible to the public which again is cumbersome).    Any other options?