Strange geoprocessing package data source paths

Discussion created by reneecammarere on Jul 23, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2013 by reneecammarere
I've got a simple geoprocessing model (one tool - CopyFeatures) that accepts input from C:\Scratch.gdb\TestPolygon and writes the output to C:\Scratch.gdb\TestPolygonCopy. The model runs fine in ArcMap, and creates a TestPolygonCopy in Scratch.gdb. When I package it up and try to run it from my C# code, the service starts OK and I don't get any errors - but it doesn't create a TestPolygonCopy in the C:\Scratch.gdb. If I go to the URL of the local geoprocessing service, the input and output paths are NOT the paths in the model. They look like some kind of auto-generated temporary path. Why doesn't the package use the paths in my model?