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Discussion created by ranaura on Jul 22, 2013
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Hello everyone

Could you  help me with my FOR?, , I want to convert the raster to feature raster layer , their names are contained in another layer INFO_1 field.

I printed all values ?????? with FOR  of field INFO_1 and this do it right  , but when I do the Make only the first record works

What am I doing wrong?? : (

Please help

import arcpy
conexion = "Database Connections/SIGGEOF.sde/GEOF."
g = "Database Connections/SIGGEOF.sde/GEOF.prueba250"
Seleccion50 = "Database Connections/SIGGEOF.sde/GEOF.DS_Geofisica/GEOF.Indice50wgs"
cursor = arcpy.SearchCursor (g)
layer = ""
for carta in cursor:
  capas= conexion + str(carta.INFO_1)
  clv = str(carta.INFO_1)
# Process: MakeRasterLayer
  arcpy.MakeRasterLayer_management(capas,clv, "", "", "")
  layer = layer + clv +";"
# Process: Extract Data
arcpy.ExtractData_server(layer, Seleccion50, "Shape - SHP -.shp", "Esri GRID - GRID", "Same As Input", "", Output_Zip_File)