Slow file geodatabase performance

Discussion created by cdallapiazza on Jul 19, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2013 by pml
We have a FGDB that is used by some of our services and internal ArcMap users.  This FGDB is on a network share.  We are talking around 5 ArcMap users at any one time and around 10 services (5 of which are cached map services with no query capability).

Some of our ArcMap users experience excessively long search times when searching by an attribute.  Not all users have this problem and not all to the same extent.  Some users never have the problem.  Others seem to have the problem almost all the time.

The slowness appears to be tied to usage.  Today I had one user that was experiencing slow searches.  I had everyone else get out of ArcMap, one at a time.  After each user closed ArcMap, I had my problem user close and restart ArcMap and search again.  The slowness persisted after all ArcMap users were out of the program.  Next I took down the services, one at a time, that were consuming the FGDB.  After I took down 4/5 of the services, the search performance picked back up to where it should be.

Unfortunately, the next thing I did was let everyone back into ArcMap and restart all the services.  The slowness did not come back so I have no way to isolate the problem.

We have a mixture of Windows 7 and XP.  Some people have r/w access while others have read only access.  Everyone is on 10.0 SP3.

Does anyone have any insight into what could be causing this?