Upgrading to 10.1 Across the Board Questions

Discussion created by adevine on Jul 18, 2013

I was a little unsure of where to put this question as it involves some questions about uninstalling previous versions but here it goes! I am upgrading our organization's enterprise GIS to 10.1 across the board and, having performed upgrades since 8.3 to systems, I know sometimes there are "tricks". If someone would be so kind as to look at my execution plan and see if they see any glaring flaws or have any suggestions for better performance, i would appreciate it.

Currently, our configuration consists of:
1) ArcSDE 9.2/SQL Server 2005 on a Windows 2003 VM I p2v'ed from an aging physical server last year
2) ArcGIS Server 10 on a Windows 2008 R2 physical server that also acts as host for the aforementioned RDBMS server.

I intend to move to the following configuration next week:
1) ArcSDE 10.1/SQL 2012/ArcGIS Server 10.1 on a Windows 2012 VM (8 cores, 8Gb RAM) hosted on a new physical server obtained last month. (Note: I am sticking to using SDE for our editing workflow)

I have already gotten much of the preparations ready (VMs created/OS, SDE 10.1, Server 10.1 and SQL 2012 installation done) and now I am about to pull the trigger next week. My plan is:
1) (On old SDE/RDBMS server)Reconcile and Post/kill versions/compress all databases
2) Uninstall 9.2
3) Install 9.3
4) Upgrade geodatabases to 9.3
5) Move SDE database(s) at database level (backup/restore, detach/reattach) to...
6) (On new GIS/SDE/RDBMS Server) Install ArcSDE 10.1 (Already done, actually)
7) Re-sync user logins
7) Upgrade geodatabases to 10.1

This being the case, my questions are:
1) Does this configuration (GIS/SDE/RDBMS all on one VM server) seem sound?
2) Does this migration method seem sound?
3) Anything else sticking out like a sore thumb?

Bonus question! :-) My current ArcGIS Server 10 server has a 2008 R2 OS that I would like to upgrade to 2012. I do not have enough room on C: to do so. I could make that room by uninstalling ArcGIS Desktop 10 from the machine but am wondering if uninstalling desktop would cause problems with the SOC and/or screw up my current running services (some are .mxd based and some are .msd based.).

I appreciate any input you may have.


Alex DeVine
University of Georgia