Pop-up: Access value from Table with Javascript

Discussion created by schmidlorenz on Jul 17, 2013
Is there an affordable way to access a specific cell value with Javascript for a pop-up?
Until now I wrote a script in all cells in a column which display me some values in different ways or draw diagrams
But now I'm building a new Map with continuously changing values.
Now I don't want to rescript every cell for a different value or search the right cell, search the value somewhere in it and change it.

Is it possible to access a value from a cell with a Javascript?
I've two ideas, but non of them works, until now!
1. Write in the Pop-up-designer the javascript with the variables = cell-value (e.g. var population = {POP_2004}; )
2. Write in a cell the script which refers to another cell variable
Is there some solution for one of these ways or a complete other way?