ESRI Sample Not Working in IE

Discussion created by friskyweasel on Jul 16, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2013 by JUihlein-esristaff
hi all -

Can anyone confirm if these samples are supposed to work correctly in IE or not?

I based a design off of these samples, and spent quite a while attempting to get them to work in IE without success. Finally, I gave up and went back to the original ESRI url and tried loading it in IE - turns out I saw all the same broken behavior on ESRI's URL also : (

I am using IE 9 - what i'm seeing is the layout DIV (ContentPane's) don't align correctly with the map, and I'm also unable to click and drag the map.

Everything works perfectly in Chrome and Firefox by the way. Can anyone shed some light on this? Or offer an alternate set of samples to work from?