how to add photos as attachments from android to arcgis server?

Discussion created by ontheway72 on Jul 14, 2013
I am using Arcgis 10.1 sp1 and arcgis server 10.1 sp1, MS SQL server express. I succesfully created an empty enterprise geodatabase, added a point feature from a file geodatabase, published to arcgis server with feature access and mobile access enabled. I can add-remove points and relevant text/numeric data into the fields, from android client.

My next goal was being able to add field photos. For this, at Catalog Tree, under Database connections, expanded the relevant .sde, and right click to the feature which I used above (named  gdb001.DBO.NTRAP), choose manage/create attachments. After successful run, two files added (gdb001.DBO.NTRAP__ATTACH  and gdb001.DBO.NTRAP__ATTACHREL).

From that point, I am stuck for at least 2 days, could not find any document that explains attaching photos from android client.


In my case, Is it possible to add-remove attachments from android, without annual arcgis online subscription?

Is it possible to do this without writing custom scripts etc. ?

If yes, I appreciate if someone can explain key steps, or at least the steps I am missing..

Regards,  Alp.

edit: I just realised that under capabilities of IOS client, it states "Attach photos and video to features", which is not stated under android. It does not matter for me, I can use ios or android.