help sources for Python Add-ins

Discussion created by AndyMur on Jul 14, 2013
I'm an old AML'er who has been happily learning Python and using it in my workflows.  Now I'm starting to create Python Add-ins and after initial success have been pulling my hair out. 

I have a toolbar with 8 buttons that works well for one of my colleagues.  I started making variations for other colleagues who are working on similar tasks, and ran into problems.  After a week of misery I finally got this solved today by uninstalling all my addins and deleting everything in the Assembly Cache, but I don't understand enough of the basics to figure out 1) what the problem(s) were, and 2) what did I do that fixed it?  

So can someone point me to more detailed info that goes beyond the dozen pages in the on-line help (which are descriptive rather than explanatory) -- and that don't require previous experience with non-Python add-ins.  Along the lines of ...

-- why Addins use the AssemblyCache, in addition to the "well-known" installation folder.  How are they linked?
-- do the Class names and IDs (Variable Names) of toolbar buttons need to be unique across all installed toolbars?

While answers to these would be nice, they are just the beginning and I would appreciate some accessible documentation.