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Env class confusion

Question asked by zlehmann on Jul 12, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2013 by zlehmann
Hey everyone!

I'm just wrapping up my very first esri UC and I'm trying to get my feet wet (finally) with some python coding. I have what I hope is a fairly straight forward question about the env class. I've stolen some snippets of code and played around with it a bit but can't figure out how this class works exactly. I realize it basically draws in the environment settings of something, but I'm confused exactly what that means!

I had a  demo code that buffered a few feature classes in a file geodatabase. So my env line looked something like arcpy.env.workspace = "pathname.gdb" I could then manipulate the files in the GDB and use geoprocessingtools on them. Why does entering something like arcpy.env.workspace = "pathname.mxd" not work? Can you only get environments from geodatabases?

Sorry for the newbish questions, I searched the forums for an answer but couldn't find anything on it. Any help is appreciated!