Very Slow to connect to Arcgis online

Discussion created by zone1949 on Jul 12, 2013
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Hi to all,
I work for the city of Titusville and we have an enterprise license and an ArcGIS online account. In the past we had no trouble getting to and using the account. We've uploaded maps "yata, yata' yata", and everything was good. About six months ago it became virtually impossible to access our stuff in the cloud. This is only a problem when we're using the city's network. I can access everything fine at home. It also seems to be only a (our)problem with ArcGIS Online, we have no trouble with the rest of the ESRI sites.
  Our IT department said they are looking into the problem but as I said this has been going on for months and they have no answers.
I want to start really utilizing ArcGIS online but I'm stuck.

Does anyone have any suggestions?