Query result working on real phone but not with Virtual device

Discussion created by pmouquet on Jul 12, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2013 by pmouquet
I've got the following code on the onCallback function :

public void onCallback(FeatureSet result) {
 TextView RauFound = (TextView)findViewById(;
 Log.v("Test", "perform query");
 if(result != null){
  try {
   //Log.v("Test", "Good query" );
   Graphic[] g = result.getGraphics();
   Graphic gg = g[0];
   String Res = (String) gg.getAttributeValue("CO");  
   RauFound.setText("Discover RAU QUERY: " + Res );
   Log.v("Resultat QUERY","R FOUND" + Res);

Then I've test my appli using a Virtual device , when I run it nothing is display in the TextView but I can see the result in the LogCat window.
I've tried my appli on a Samsung phone and the query result is displayed in the TextView.
Any idea ??