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Register with ArcGIS Server and orange question mark

Question asked by Wolseley on Jul 11, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2013 by GISDev01
I have 2 File Geodatabases. One is a One-Way Replica from our SDE Geodatabase, the other is a stand-alone File Geodatabase.

I want to know if there is a way for when I update the MXD associated with the Map Service that it will automatically update the Map Service. I want to avoid having to use Share Service As - in ArcMap after I update an MXD. This process can take a long time. It is faster if I can just skip this step.

I was told my ESRI that this can be done if you register the File Geodatabases with ArcGIS Server. I did this. I stopped our Service. I opened the MXD, did some updates, saved the MXD, then restarted our Service. But, I did not see the changes in the Map Viewer. I cleared the Internet Explorer Cache still same results. We are using Flex 3.0.

I went into ArcCatalog and right clicked our Server Admin link - Server Properties - Data Store. I saw the 2 Registered Folder (File Geodatabases). I checked Validate All, and a green check mark appears next to each one.

I then went into ArcGIS Server Manager - Site - Data Stores and under Registered Folders - Status column I noticed orange question marks next to each one. I cannot figure out what these question marks mean. Any ideas?