Synchronizing Toolboxes

Discussion created by ReneeR on Jul 11, 2013
So, according to the ArcGIS Resources Help 10.1:  TOOLBOX CONTENTS IN MULTIPLE APPLICATIONS ( the contents of the Catalog and ArcToolbox windows are kept synchronized. 

Unfortunately, I personalized my toolbox while I had multiple application sessions.  Now the contents are NOT synchronized.  I saved my ArcMap toolbox settings to Default.  Now I am in ArcCatalog trying to re-sync.  Currently in ArcCatalog, the ArcToolbox windowpane shows my new settings.  Great!! But the Catalog tree shows the old settings (ie, old personalized toolboxes).  How do I re-sync? 

There is no "load settings" for the "My Toolboxes" folder in the ArcCatalog tree.  If I just remove my old personal toolboxes, how do I "add" the new one?  Thanks in advance.