Proper way to pass gpDataFile when uploading from REST endpoint

Discussion created by efinnen on Jul 11, 2013
Alright all

Hopefully, a helpful point in the right way would be helpful for my issue I am having. I am trying to port a desktop script I wrote to ArcGIS server 10.1. And I am MUCH more experienced in the desktop end of things then the server end. This translates to I should know the answer for this???

So I wrote a script which ingests a file format does some conversions, manipulations, calculations and kicks out a feature class (for now). And it works totally fine (on desktop). I then export it to server and map it via toolbox, access it from various other ArcGIS Desktop machines (10 & 10.1) and it works fine.

The end user will not have ArcGIS Desktop, they will be accessing this via other processes (specifically the rest endpoint). The rest endpoint accepts a single input for the file, as well as a couple of value lists. I can get the process working if I manually upload first and then pass it {"itemID" : "<itemID>" }

Which brings me to my question.

Is there any other way I can get it to work by it's the other format for a flat file that is located locally.  Something along the lines of ??? { "url" : "http://myserver/myfile" }. Please bear in mind I realize I realize it???s not a website or a URL. I just would ???ideally??? like to use a format like this and only have to feed the data once.