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Lightweight JS and debug JS

Question asked by on Jul 10, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2013 by jacobsj
Hello all,

Recently I developed a mobile website with ArcGIS JS API (3.5) and I was surprised of the size of the library that needs to be downloaded at first. I was also surprised to use the exact same Javascript API for mobile than the one designed for desktop...

Is there a way to import a smaller code base ? While the lib is based on dojo, whose purpose is to build modular JS components, I got the impression that the JS API is quite monolithic because the main component that I import is around 970Kb... and then we need many other components... for a grand total of about 2Mb... few that is heavy !

For a mobile it makes the very first download very long for the user. And this first download is the very first thought a user will have on a site. Is there any solution / workaround to this ?

And one last problem I had : is there a way to access a "debuggable" version of the JS API ? I mean a non minified one ? Because it is sometimes very difficult to track problems when working on a minified lib.

Thanks !