Issues with fixing Broken data links

Discussion created by digmapper on Jul 10, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2013 by digmapper
I am having an issue that is I am hoping to get help with. I have a python script (that I run in pythonwin) that looks in multiple directories and sub folders, finds all mxds, goes into each one and updates the data links of the layers that were in a personal geodatabases that we changed to file geodatabases. The script works great. Problem that I am running into is that if the mxd has layers that are joined to oracle/other tables that require a username/password. Everytime the script runs into such an mxd, a username/password splash screen pops up. When writing the script I was hoping that I wouldn't have to sit and personally go through every one of these pop ups. It looks like the script is opening each mxd (without actually opening ArcMap) and, if needed, is waiting until a username/password is entered. I notice that the Set Data Source, which is in ArcCatalog, doesn't open the mxd, but I am able to change the data links manually. Is there a way to access that in python, because I can't seem to find it, or am I looking at this all wrong and there is another way to do this? Any help woud be appreciated. I am using the latest Python (the one that comes with Arc 10.1)