Table Copy bug in 10.1?

Discussion created by andyroo on Jul 9, 2013
I used to (10.0) be able to open a table in ArcGIS, select all records, then copy the table to excel and have the headers and cells fall neatly in place.

Now in 10.1 I have to copy from the table, paste into something else (notepad, word) then copy that and paste it into excel. No idea what broke, but it did.

Also it's super irritating (and it was in 10.0 too) that I have to go to Table Options/Select All before I can copy (right-click/copy), instead of just highlighting the row and selecting copy. Is this an intentional feature?

Am I missing something, or is this the extent of ArcGIS inter-application compatibility (copy/paste) with table data?

FYI the purpose is that every month or so I calculate zonal statistics as table from a new raster subtraction for a surface volume change estimate that goes into a spreadsheet.