Trying to pull parameter out of model into if else script

Discussion created by armein01 on Jul 9, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2013 by philmorefield
I have an analysis I will need to preform occassionaly.
There are four different rasters I need to process in four different ways.
I want one tool, the rasters should not change, and I know the rasters by name.  I thought that I could iterate through the rasters and check the raster name in a couple if-else structures, then call a subroutine in the model to process the data as needed.
I am trying to develop a python script for the if else, but I dont know how to pull the value from the iterator.

So the output of the iterator is Name and the raster itself

I understand the getparameter functions, I just dont understand how to pull the correct parameter from the iterator.  You can pull a parameter from a tool, but what about the iterator?
Any help is appreciated!