Cannot sign in to ArcGIS Online through Desktop 10.1

Discussion created by FracTrackerAlliance on Jul 9, 2013
I am no longer able to sign in to my ArcGIS Online account through the desktop interface, although the same account ID and password work as expected when logging in to through my internet browser. 

When I click on the "Trouble Connecting?" link, it prompts me to run a series of connection tests.  I have tried this at work (where the internet connection is admittedly poor), as well as at home (where it is more than sufficient).  I get the same results either way:

Proxy Server Test - Passed
No proxy server.

Download Speed Test - Failed
Test site unreachable.

Network Latency Test - Undetermined
Reason Unknown.

Network Route Test - Failed
Reason Unknown.

Any help would be appreciated.